see you in 2021

Whilst we may be slowly easing restrictions towards live events we felt it was too soon to try to achieve the scale of 2019’s venture. We certainly didn’t fancy trying to fly people in from overseas so………our next Electronic Music Festival will be 24-26th June 2022.

Suzanne Ciani has been re located to the newly extended Band on the Wall for 24th June 2022. All tickets from BotW ’20 and Stoller Hall ’21 remain valid. If you haven’t yet got tickets it’s a rare opportunities to see one of Electronic Music’s true pioneers in a new, improved treasured Manchester venue. There will be more on Scanner, Ian Boddy and Adrian Sherwood soon.

Meanwhile, back into 2021, we’re saying small is beautiful. A Summer Weekender is forecast with lots of live artists over Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th July 2021 at Gulliver’s, Oldham St. We weren’t going to waste an opportunity, we’ve been itching for this.

Tickets will be £12.50 per day or £20 for the weekend. All of this is subject to the conditions of lock down easing being met, of course. For that reason tickets won’t go on sale until early June at the earliest. Keep your eye on the all important R number, people! Updates as we get them…….

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