7.30-8.30 Karl D'Silva

Karl D’Silva sings about love, hope and fear in the modern world.

Fascinated by the thin veil between the synthetic and the human, between the digital void and analog reality his songs were conceived during time spent in repurposed industrial spaces in Leeds soon to be gentrified Mabgate quarter as well as Salford’s creative powerhouse Islington Mill and produced at The Bowling Green in Sheffield by Dean Honer (The Moonlandingz, ERC and I Monster).

Karl D’Silva is a current member of the Manchester based electronic spoken word dystopia group VANISHING and a former member of both DRUNK IN HELL and legendary Leeds experimentalists Trumpets Of Death/BODYWORK….




8.30=9.30 Vanishing
9.30-10.30 Mindcrime Cafe

Mindcrime Cafe is a fresh collaboration from guerrilla music and visual technologists, Jaydev Mistry and Marizu Okereke.
Wrangling an arsenal of home built and bastardised technology, they will be inviting the audience to accompany them on a journey across contorted lifescapes during two separate performances.

Performance one will be an ambient, mellow and occasionally dark exploration of internal cognitive dissonances. The world that we were promised has yet to materialise.

Performance two is an outward expression of inner uncertainty featuring harder, mangled and fractured rhythms. The life that we were promised has yet to materialise.

Jaydev Mistry is a guitarist, percussionist and music technologist. He has designed and built an augmented guitar which is populated with various electronic sensors that allow him to coax intricate, lush and evolving musical soundscapes via deep processing and haptic control.

Marizu Okereke will be providing the visual component of this collaboration. Inspired by the abstract purity of visual synthesis from the early 1970’s, he will be working with live voltage controlled visuals to conjure mercurial, serpentine landscapes in resonance with the sonic journey.

10.30-11.30 Cynthia's Periscope


7.30-8.30 J Frisco

J Frisco are an award-winning avant-garde jazz trio (Jazz North Introduces 2017) featuring soprano saxophone, electric guitar, keyboards and vocals; they create improvised genre-fluid soundscapes and noise drawn from emotion, political, and gender issues. They thrive on challenging both their own and their audiences perceptions of time, space and sound.

Performance highlights include a headline show at Vortex Jazz Club, Sofar Sounds, The Cockpit: Jazz in the Round and many UK jazz festivals including Gateshead International Jazz Festival, Lancaster Jazz Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival and have supported acts including Courtney Pine, Portico Quartet, Laura Jurd, Roller Trio, Matthew Bourne, and Elliott Galvin.

They have recently released their debut album ‘naked’ available on all streaming platforms and in the new year are set to support Mercury Nominees ‘Dinosaur’.

“Fearless music making” Martin Pyne

@jfriscomusic on twitter and instagram

8.30-9.30 Shunt Voltage

Shunt Voltage are an electronic project based in and around Manchester. Their music is a combination of grooves, sound textures/ effects and samples jammed together against a backdrop of industrial sounds, they mix their tracks live on the fly resulting in something unique every time they play.

BANDCAMP: https://shuntvoltage.bandcamp.com/releases
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aziXVDiCj7w&t=6s
BLOGGER: https://shuntvoltage.blogspot.com/2018/12/newrelease-by-shunt-voltage.html

9.30-11 Security

SECURITY are a Duo formed by Joe Ahmed of Konstruktivits / Chekists and p6 of Stretchheads / Desalvo in 2009 through a mutual love of techno pop and industrial electronics. Glasgow meets Essex in a mix of hard rhythm & noise, Ballardian ballads meet DAF beats.

Currently working on their 4th collection of Postpunk electronics whilst perfecting their live performances in Scotland.Their appearance at Subliminal Impulse will be their first south of the border.

The first three physical releases have now sold out but are still available to download from Bandcamp:

Photo by Graeme Wright