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With a palette as broad as jazz, the movement within the genre of Electronic music has grown exponentially, in line with the speed of development in DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and hardware and the impact of the internet with regard to easily accessible platforms such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp and the swell in numbers of related chat rooms, blogs and Facebook pages such as Electronic Music Open Mic and We All Play Synth.

This is creating a steadily growing market of capable bedroom users, many of whom struggle to step out of the bedroom and perform in public.

what we did

subliminal impulse Electronic Music Festival 2019
A Résumé

What started as a dream became a reality. The inaugural subliminal impulse Electronic Music Festival of 2019 was a major success, in so far as it proved the point that there is an audience out there for talented unknown and/or rarely seen artists. All they need is the platform for it.

We’re already making the first steps toward a return in 2020. We’ll be reaching out to some of those people who are organising small nights in towns and cities around the UK and beyond. We want to continue to work with the latest in talent as well as the legendary.

Whilst we’re making plans we thought we’d reflect on some of the moments from 2019. From a sell-out performance of Carter Tutti at Band on the Wall to Seypien making his first appearance at TwentyTwentyTwo at age 21; from Wrangler at Soup Kitchen to new visual artists Lauren, Izzy, , Chex and Marizu; from John Foxx autographing an ARP Odyssey to an open mic night where audience members turn up with gear tucked under their arm. All this and a roll call of artists who all worked so hard to make the festival what it is. It’s all about collaboration. We’re stronger together than we are apart. So a massive thank you to….

243 Ida
Carter Tutti
Don Tageeva Monquaise
Electronic Sound Magazine
Field Lines Cartographer
Hollowsphere AV
Howl Creative
iCan-Web Design
Izzy Bolt
J Frisco
John Foxx
Jon Savage
Karl D’Silva
Lauren Harrison
Lo Five
Magic Darts
Marconi Union
Mark Reeder
Martin Christie
Mat Peters
Maxine Peake
Mindcrime Café
Padawan Sound (Think Tank)
Random Music Management
Richard Hector-Jones
Robert Andersen
Shunt Voltage
Spectral Bazaar
Vox Cornelious
Yamaha Music UK

CARTERTUTTI and Maxine Peake

q and a

Q and A session with Mark Roland, Mark Reeder, Jon Savage and John Foxx

John Foxx, Mark Reeder, Jon Savage

Cuil with Izzy Bolt (VJ)

Dark Fidelity HiFi

Mindcrime Cafe

Padwan Sound

Vox Cornelius

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Acts who performed at our free events

243 Ida

243 Ida are an electro-pop duo from Manchester, with a sound drawing equal influence from indie and electronica, and on a quest to marry the two into one singable, danceable package. The duo, who consist of producer Emma Williams-Daly and vocalist Lennie Butler (formerly of Manchester indie band Sandbox), have a shared mission: to find that sweet spot between electronica and a strong vocal melody, and to create something unique and meaningful which also translates into an exciting live show.

In October 2017 243 Ida unveiled their debut EP The Howling, a collection of songs crafted straight from the heart. Thanks to a combination of catchy songs, a unique sound and strong stage presence, since then they have been gaining attention online and on the Manchester music scene. Their upcoming EP, Lioness and I, will be released Spring 2019.

“Honest & isolated vocal melodies glide through obscurely decorated pop songs – subtle glitch-work is the icing on this cake!” – Martin Christie, Electronic Music Open Mic Founder

“an enchanting, original sound that fuses classic song writing with minimal electronica; melancholic and at times experimental, but always packed with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.” – Mark Buckley, Analogue Trash

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/243Ida/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/243IdaMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/243idamusic/
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/243ida

Photography by Hannah Dornford-May Photography: https://www.facebook.com/hdmphotography


Aemaer is the ambient project of artist Nick Wade. Steeped in a sense of nostalgia, a combination of field recordings and tape loop manipulations provide an ethereal backdrop for melancholy piano.






John Shapter is a ground-breaking sound-artist, based in Stoke on Trent. His work is closely allied to the sounds in our environment, whether urban or rural. Most of the sounds are sourced from the ground we tread on and the sounds that reach our ears through the air. He deconstructs sounds from recordings in the field and builds them into soundscapes, creating ghosts in the air. Sometimes the sounds of instruments are added to enhance the sonic picture. Sometimes electronic sounds are woven in to the natural sounds.

Aquatik-Dreams and The MugWart

Joshua Mortimer otherwise known as LJ, started his journey into music unexpectedly in 2016.

As a Technical Theatre student in Hull he began playing improvised electronic music at the art collective Ground, with artists such as Naesk, B2G, and The Mercurius Brittanicus, where he became obsessed with experimental music.

This lead to appearing in small local gigs such as the Noise Night, Drone Day and Martin Christie’s (EMOM) Electronic Music Open Mic tour 2018.

LJs most recent projects are; ‘Aquatik-Dreams’ and ‘The MugWart’. These juxtaposed concepts include the former been, a lucid look at the concious imagination, and hallucinations. Focusing on mood, atmosphere and colour. The latter with a heavier flavour, industrial, noise and drone.

LJ has played in cities across the UK including Bristol, London, Brighton, Manchester and others. He has also hosted EMOM nights in Brighton with plans to continue…



Åyusp (pronounced “Oy-usp”) are an experimental electronica outfit based in Sheffield; their music is best described as being “21st Century Steel City Kosmiche”.
Born out of a common love for German electronic music from the Seventies, in particular Tangerine Dream, along with Neu, Harmonia, Kraftwerk, Ash Ra Temple, Klaus Schultz, etc, Åyusp have created an unique blend of old and new electronica. In addition to working on their debut album, Åyusp have also been doing a bit of audio archaeology along the way, and have recently recreated a 15 minute excerpt from Tangerine Dream’s 1975 York Minster gig, which up to now has only existed in low quality bootleg form.

Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/ayuspmusic
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Ayuspmusic


“the British artist knows how to fuse modern technologies and atavistic movements like no other, and he is a master of manipulation when it comes to noise layers, feedback, drones… If you want modern sounding experimental and droning music with an eye on the past and a foot in the present, look no further.” (9/10, Flux)

“…we start off with something extraordinary… I could see why Colossloth has been heralded as “the best of the new wave of British Drone.” Heathen Needles has game-changing potential”. (The Noise Beneath The Snow)

“It feels like a radio broadcast from the depths of space, a stark, static filled communication from beyond. A robotic whale swimming through a black sea of sine waves. Colossloth has created an album far beyond his last release… A brilliant sculpture of noise and emotion.” (Fighting Boredom)

“Whether looking for grimness or contemplative electronics, Colossloth’s Heathen Needles is a score for the listener. Diverse but well put together, his second release on Cold Spring is chock full of interesting layers, tones, and expressions. This is a wonderful, every day type of dark electronic album.” (Musique Machine)



Heathen Needles by Colossloth https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/heathen-needles/1318742214

Outstretch Your Hand for the Impress of Truth by Colossloth https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/outstretch-your-hand-for-the-impress-of-truth/1078343208


As an established DJ/Promoter in the Leeds scene, Cuil has garnered a strong reputation as a party starter under his ‘Dubrunner’ alias. Co-founding the high-intensity club night that is Stretchy Dance Supply and supporting the likes of Call Super and Henry Wu.

Reflecting a different side to this artist, Cuil will be performing a DJ set revolving around soundscapes, field recordings alongside with his own dub-infused ambient productions. 

Listen back to Cuil’s most recent performance here:



Cynthias Periscope

Manchester based beautifully strange lofi electronica pop. Varying from tender introspection to brutal catharsis, his experimental confessional beats are as danceable as they are weird. With a live show consisting of everything from live vocal manipulation, live electronics, a drumkit made of household objects and a heavy dose of onstage theatrics.

Inspired by Little Dragon, the Knife, Atoms for Peace, John Maus and Moderat.

“A wonderful fusion of the melodic and the occasionally macabre, a tricky, trippy sound that nods towards the dancefloor but also has a cerebral, emotive and soul-purging quality to it vocally and lyrically that you don’t often come across in electronica.”
Analogue Trash

Cynthia’s Periscope – Crush Promo Video

Dark Fidelity Hifi

DFHF are Manchester based producer Rick Jones since 2015 DFHF have released 3 albums and remixed over 60 global artists mixing flavours of cosmic lounge and tender glitch . DFHF also tours as a live act and DJ….LABELS  audiobulb, emotionwave ,bricolage, astropilot, natelrec. https://soundcloud.com/richard-jones-215

Don Tageeva Monquaise

Don Tageeva Monquaise are a duo playing semi-improvised material utilising live triggered sampled loops,synths and guitars.The band are made up of Sbilts and Snod from Tripadvizorz (a Stockport based early Hawkwind tribute).Born out of a mutual liking for dressing up in ridiculous stage clothes and masks. Think “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” only less funky and more Kosmische….. that’s DTM.

Field Lines Cartographer

Field Lines Cartographer is the ambient & drone project of Lancaster-based electronic musician Mark Burford – aka techno producer Impulse Array.

FLC has released two albums for Preston’s Concrete Tapes label, as well as being a regular contributor to the A Year In The Country project & has also featured on several electronic & ambient compilations for various independent imprints, such as Modern Aviation & Woodford Halse.

Using analogue synths & field recordings, the Cartographer creates often dark, occasionally bucolic soundscapes, described in The Wire magazine as “shimmering unsettling noodles” & a “swirling vortex of darkness” by Electronic Sound Magazine.

Bandcamp :  https://fieldlinescartographer.bandcamp.com

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/field_lines_cartographer/


Gagarin is the solo project of Graham “ Dids” Dowdall making instrumental electronica that doesn’t adhere to or belong in any particular scene or style. The path of recent work is driven by aching melody, treated and raw foundsounds, subtle beat programming, distressed atmospheres and space. His influences lie as much in psychogeography, acoustic ecology and beat science as they do in the wide range of musics that inform him.

Gagarin’s history to date includes an extended period playing with Nico in the 80s and a list of collaborations including John Cale,Ludus, Eric Random, Suns of Arqa, Band of Holy Joy, Raf & O, Low Bias, Zor Gabor. He is a member of avant rock legends Pere Ubu, duo Roshi ft. Pars Radio and Rothko. When he’s not exploring the outer reaches of the sonic galaxy Graham is a leading
community music practitioner, expert in music and disabilities and a lecturer at Goldsmiths.

Gagarin gigs regularly in UK and Europe with a hardware combination of drumpads, samplers, iPad and FX creating sets that range from free-form improv to fractured dance music. His last album Corvid received great reviews across Europe and regular airplay on BBC 6 ,Amazing Radio ,Resonance fm, RTE, Bayern2, numerous more German and other European radio.



I am John Shapter composing and playing as Headzic – ambient sounds for spaces and people and Electronic Music across a number of genres. I love sound in all forms, electronic music and soundscapes. I use psycho-acoustic instruments, field recordings and synth pad sounds – sometimes all combined.  Originally a sound artist and moving along the spectrum to musical form.  Based in Stoke on Trent with studio and recording facilities.

Recent music at www.headzic.bandcamp.com


J Frisco

J Frisco are an award-winning avant-garde jazz trio (Jazz North Introduces 2017) featuring soprano saxophone, electric guitar, keyboards and vocals; they create improvised genre-fluid soundscapes and noise drawn from emotion, political, and gender issues. They thrive on challenging both their own and their audiences perceptions of time, space and sound.

Performance highlights include a headline show at Vortex Jazz Club, Sofar Sounds, The Cockpit: Jazz in the Round and many UK jazz festivals including Gateshead International Jazz Festival, Lancaster Jazz Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival and have supported acts including Courtney Pine, Portico Quartet, Laura Jurd, Roller Trio, Matthew Bourne, and Elliott Galvin.

They have recently released their debut album ‘naked’ available on all streaming platforms and in the new year are set to support Mercury Nominees ‘Dinosaur’.

“Fearless music making” Martin Pyne

@jfriscomusic on twitter and instagram

Karl D'Silva

Karl D’Silva sings about love, hope and fear in the modern world.

Fascinated by the thin veil between the synthetic and the human, between the digital void and analog reality his songs were conceived during time spent in repurposed industrial spaces in Leeds soon to be gentrified Mabgate quarter as well as Salford’s creative powerhouse Islington Mill and produced at The Bowling Green in Sheffield by Dean Honer (The Moonlandingz, ERC and I Monster).

Karl D’Silva is a current member of the Manchester based electronic spoken word dystopia group VANISHING and a former member of both DRUNK IN HELL and legendary Leeds experimentalists Trumpets Of Death/BODYWORK….




K. Craig

K. Craig (A.R.C. SOUNDTRACKS, Last Harbour) is an A/V artist working with elements of noise, drones, hand-built instruments, sequenced samples, digital distortion, and stark, minimal beats to produce live soundtracks for images of constructed landscapes, distorted figures and deep space. These industrial, ritual works incorporate 20th century science fiction alongside contemporary speculative ideas of the end of the world, reimagining them as a dynamic audio/visual performance.



Lo Five

Lo Five is a Liverpool-based producer of ambient/experimental electronica, with numerous releases and remixes on labels such as Patterned Air, Upitup Records and Rad Cult. In 2015 Lo Five founded Emotion Wave, a platform for emerging experimental electronic artists – comprising music events, a radio show and a label that serves to promote members of the Emotion Wave family.

“…memoradelic flashbacks…glinting chord-chimes and gauzy keyboards teleport me to the middle 80s. Another fine addition to the Patterned Air discography, and an unusual listen.”Simon Reynolds, The WIRE


Emotion Wave


Magic Darts

Magic Darts is the latest project from Gareth Bibby (Disco Operating System / Triclops / Lotta Continua Recordings / RSI Recordings). Having spent an age in self-imposed exile, there is as yet little or no evidence of the real world existence of Magic Darts, so what to expect? – expect seat-of-the-pants shortwave improv; expect half-dead Casios and shoddy half rhythms; expect bust cassettes and implied melodies; expect dense drones and epic pastoral mellifluousness; expect none of the above. Expect Delays.

Marconi Union

Marconi Union are one of Manchester’s foremost electronic bands. Fitting somewhere between acts such as Kraftwerk, Biosphere and Boards of Canada – whilst sounding nothing like any of these – Marconi Union have, over their 15 year career, released nine critically acclaimed albums and worked with people from Marina Ambramovich Institute to Jah Wobble.

As writers of “the most relaxing track in the world”, Marconi Union “are one of the most popular ambient groups to emerge during the early 21st century” having amassed tens of millions of downloads and streams, regularly topping the US Billboard New Age chart  and frequently appearing in the US Billboard Electronic chart.

The trio’s live performances blend elements of electronica, dub and ambience, resulting in an emotional and sometimes dreamlike experience. The band perform to a backdrop of subtley emotive films, in the form of split-screen projections created by emerging Manchester arts collective, DOTCA.


Mat Peters

Mat Peters is an electronic musician based in Manchester, UK. His ambient sets are comprised of beautifully melodic samples and warm analog synths. He is best known for playing synths and guitar in Post-Punk outfit ‘ist ist’, Mat takes influence from ambient greats like: Loscil, Eno, Grouper to make thought provoking sonic landscapes





Mindcrime Cafe

Mindcrime Cafe is a fresh collaboration from guerrilla music and visual technologists, Jaydev Mistry and Marizu Okereke.
Wrangling an arsenal of home built and bastardised technology, they will be inviting the audience to accompany them on a journey across contorted lifescapes during two separate performances.

Performance one will be an ambient, mellow and occasionally dark exploration of internal cognitive dissonances. The world that we were promised has yet to materialise.

Performance two is an outward expression of inner uncertainty featuring harder, mangled and fractured rhythms. The life that we were promised has yet to materialise.

Jaydev Mistry is a guitarist, percussionist and music technologist. He has designed and built an augmented guitar which is populated with various electronic sensors that allow him to coax intricate, lush and evolving musical soundscapes via deep processing and haptic control.

Marizu Okereke will be providing the visual component of this collaboration. Inspired by the abstract purity of visual synthesis from the early 1970’s, he will be working with live voltage controlled visuals to conjure mercurial, serpentine landscapes in resonance with the sonic journey.


Otomatt is an audiovisual project that currently explores the concept
of interaction in the digital age by blending computer inspired music
with a distorted mixture of real and generated footage.

Bandcamp: https://otomatt.bandcamp.com/releases
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/otomatt.av/
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/album/5857893?preview=true

Padwan Sound (Think Tank)

Leeds based promoter/DJ and founder of Yorkshire’s leading recovery party, ‘Think Tank: A Place For Your Head’, Padawan Sound will be easing you into the day’s proceedings with his signature blend of Dub infused ambient selections.




Insta: @thinktankambient


Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley) has been making haunted space music with synthesizers since 2014. His latest release, “Glo”, is a 2 hour long ambient collection, recorded in 2 weeks using 3 synths and a lot of reverb. Marklosingtoday from The Sunday Experience describes it as “the finest thing from Polypores to date, hitting on all levels whether that be an emotional, musical or transcendental, a drifting cosmic voyager more so a herald to life’s ultimate end game gliding through the galactic voids, in its wake softly extinguishing the stars whilst spraying all in a sleep inducing rejoicing radiance, until nothing but silence

Polypores has had sold-out releases on Polytechnic Youth, KiNETiK Records, Concréte Tapes, and A Year In The Country, as well as under various pseudonyms via Spun Out Of Control and Reverb Worship.


Bandcamp: https://polypores.bandcamp.com

Twitter: @stephenjbuckley

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polypores/



A classical piano education, school wind band and Christian rock are probably not typical roots into electronic music but slyly on the side sarmism AKA Pete Sandbach was always bleeping.

After 20 odd years of sequentially more complex computer software it took a tiny analogue synth called the microbrute to finally release sarmism into the hardware synthesizer realm.

Now fully hardware driven, he melds his beat driven melodies with found sounds, modular synthesizer bleeps and vocal snippets, taking you on a journey through electro, ambience, IDM and the 80’s.

Find out more:  http://linktr.ee/hello.sarmism



Scissorgun are a two-piece electronic band from Manchester, UK, comprising Alan Hempsall (Crispy Ambulance) on treated guitars, samples, vocals and prose and David Clarkson on synths, keyboards, drum programming and production.
“Scissorgun create Northern electronic shanties and sound collages that feel like snapshots of a city at night, moving from drunken chaos to minicab grime reveries to a new dawn electronic beauty”
(Mojo magazine).

Scissorgun Bandcamp: https://scissorgun.bandcamp.com/


SECURITY are a Duo formed by Joe Ahmed of Konstruktivits / Chekists and p6 of Stretchheads / Desalvo in 2009 through a mutual love of techno pop and industrial electronics. Glasgow meets Essex in a mix of hard rhythm & noise, Ballardian ballads meet DAF beats.

Currently working on their 4th collection of Postpunk electronics whilst perfecting their live performances in Scotland.Their appearance at Subliminal Impulse will be their first south of the border.

The first three physical releases have now sold out but are still available to download from Bandcamp:

Photo by Graeme Wright
Shunt Voltage

Shunt Voltage are an electronic project based in and around Manchester. Their music is a combination of grooves, sound textures/ effects and samples jammed together against a backdrop of industrial sounds, they mix their tracks live on the fly resulting in something unique every time they play.

BANDCAMP: https://shuntvoltage.bandcamp.com/releases
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aziXVDiCj7w&t=6s
BLOGGER: https://shuntvoltage.blogspot.com/2018/12/newrelease-by-shunt-voltage.html


Seypien has been making music behind closed doors for several years as a means of escapism. And after developing and refining something resembling a signature sound, is becoming ready to crawl out of hibernation and dig deeper into experimental electronic music. Looking to find a balance between playful melodies and cold, disorienting textures and percussion. His short attention span lending itself towards constant changes in style and direction.

Spectral Bazaar

Spectral Bazaar is an electronic duo comprising of Ruth Davies on processed live cello and woodwind and Dave Clarkson on synth, mixing and a bazaar of objects, tapes and samples.

The festival will premier the debut album from Spectral Bazaar titled ‘The Planets’. This is an homage to 100 years since Holst Planets and is an electronic inspired interpretation of Holst original notes.

‘We have researched the moods of each of the Holst pieces and applied similar moods to our new tracks. Each track performance will be bookended with real planet signal sounds’.

Here’s a taster of the forthcoming album,Venus:



VIEON is the electronic musical project of Matt Wild, based in Coventry, UK. Expanding to a live three-piece including sound engineer Stephen Dorphin and VJ Adrian Brian Thompson, their sound is inspired heavily by the 70s and 80s European art electronica pioneers (Jarre, Moroder, Kraftwerk), combined with the more recent influences of contemporary synthpop artists (Daft Punk, Royksopp, Justice) as well as infusing aspects of dance, post-rock and ambient music.

Signed to Manchester label AnalogueTrash in 2014, VIEON’s first release came immediately with the lauded 9-track album THE SOUND OF THE FUTURE, spanning genres as diverse as synthpop, drum and bass and sample-driven ambient house. Follow-up concept album FLY BY LIGHT dropped in early 2016, dealing with themes of exploration, loss and opportunity; an immediate hit with critics including Emily Oldfield of LOUDER THAN WAR who described it as “a trip you certainly won’t regret taking… powerful music opening up new mind space”.

VIEON have raised their profile dramatically with a series of engaging audio-visual shows famed for their ambitious scope, including banks of synthesizers, theremin, keytar, live-produced projections and synchronised light display. 2018 saw VIEON not only embark on their most intense set of live dates yet, including their first ever UK tour (appropriately named OHM FROM OHM) and a return to playing in Europe, but also the public release of LIVE IN MANCHESTER and remix album LOST WORLDS.







Spotify: Vieon

Vox Cornelious

Vox Cornelious is a solo vocal, live looper based in North England. He performs original electronic music entirely by voice, a loop station and beatbox techniques. The genres of his set range from electronic, drum and Bass, reggae, dubstep and house. Vox has performed alongside the likes of Dub Pistols, Smoove and Turrell, Superhans, The Petebox and The Mouse Outfit. Producing beats as big as any DJ and soundscapes as large as any band. Vox’s new wave, beatbox live-looping is taking audiences by storm exploring the boundaries of what the human voice proves possible!

‘Beatboxer and looper Vox Cornelius who, armed with an array of contraptions in front of him and his own voice, created layered original tracks. His signature sound was mellow vocals back by breakbeats, which continued throughout his set, with a varying tempo and a build-up of complexity.’ – Review from York Calling

video artists who appeared at our free events

Izzy Bolt

Izzy Bolt is an audio visual artist and producer from the North East of England. She is also Curator of VAM (https://www.facebook.com/vammcr/) a visuals, art and music collective based in Manchester. A self-taught artist, Izzy specialises in live generative digital visuals and electronic music, focusing on forming unreal 3D landscapes and soundscapes. A VJ in the Manchester scene, her project is heightening live sound experience through moving image https://vimeo.com/  https://www.instagram.com/boltizzy/

Lauren Harrison

Inspired by a life long love of VHS aesthetics and the likes of Pippilotti Rist and Mark Lecky; visual artist Lauren Harrison, cuts, pastes, resamples and distorts found footage to assemble immersive live visual landscapes. Armed with a midi controller and a laptop, her sets seek not to be a distraction but to collaborate, enrich and invoke. After graduating from the University of Reading in 2013, she has been constantly adding to her library of material, both found and home footage, to create a catalogue of tidbits ripe for the picking, ready for anything thrown at her. As each show is done on the fly, no two shows are the same.

A few links to videos:

Improvised Generative Piece : https://vimeo.com/305078936
Collage of clips of the Think Tank first Birthday: https://vimeo.com/286566993

Howl Creative

Aaron is a visual artist from Manchester working across the mediums of film, animation and digital performance. Originating from a background in illustration, Aaron now collaborates mostly with dancers, musicians and theatre makers to push how digital art interacts with both visual and performative qualities. Most recently Aaron has been creating live visuals for alternative performance spaces and nightlife venues across Manchester, presenting visual art to unsuspecting audiences. Aaron’s visual sets bring together digital drawing, manipulated film and live animation to build landscapes of moving bodies, raw physicality’s and blurred realities. 

More at https://www.facebook.com/howlcreative.uk/

Marizi Mercury Okereke

A native Mancunian, Marizu “Mercury” Okereke is interested in the heritage of the city and the way in which its post-industrial incarnation continually reinvigorates itself through artistic intervention. Taking inspiration from the abstract forms of Bridget Riley and László Moholy-Nagy, Marizu has been live patching analogue and voltage controlled visual synthesisers, as he feels that their tactile nature makes them responsive tools for generating curated, abstract interpretations of the signals travelling within audio systems.

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