Night and Day-Friday

2pm Spectral Bazaar

Spectral Bazaar is an electronic duo comprising of Ruth Davies on processed live cello and woodwind and Dave Clarkson on synth, mixing and a bazaar of objects, tapes and samples.

The festival will premier the debut album from Spectral Bazaar titled ‘The Planets’. This is an homage to 100 years since Holst Planets and is an electronic inspired interpretation of Holst original notes.

‘We have researched the moods of each of the Holst pieces and applied similar moods to our new tracks. Each track performance will be bookended with real planet signal sounds’.

Here’s a taster of the forthcoming album,Venus:

3.30pm Sarmism

A classical piano education, school wind band and Christian rock are probably not typical roots into electronic music but slyly on the side sarmism AKA Pete Sandbach was always bleeping.

After 20 odd years of sequentially more complex computer software it took a tiny analogue synth called the microbrute to finally release sarmism into the hardware synthesizer realm.

Now fully hardware driven, he melds his beat driven melodies with found sounds, modular synthesizer bleeps and vocal snippets, taking you on a journey through electro, ambience, IDM and the 80’s.

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5pm Dark Fidelity Hifi

DFHF are Manchester based producer Rick Jones since 2015 DFHF have released 3 albums and remixed over 60 global artists mixing flavours of cosmic lounge and tender glitch . DFHF also tours as a live act and DJ….LABELS  audiobulb, emotionwave ,bricolage, astropilot, natelrec.

8pm Åyusp

Åyusp (pronounced “Oy-usp”) are an experimental electronica outfit based in Sheffield; their music is best described as being “21st Century Steel City Kosmiche”.
Born out of a common love for German electronic music from the Seventies, in particular Tangerine Dream, along with Neu, Harmonia, Kraftwerk, Ash Ra Temple, Klaus Schultz, etc, Åyusp have created an unique blend of old and new electronica. In addition to working on their debut album, Åyusp have also been doing a bit of audio archaeology along the way, and have recently recreated a 15 minute excerpt from Tangerine Dream’s 1975 York Minster gig, which up to now has only existed in low quality bootleg form.

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9.30pm Marconi Union

Marconi Union are one of Manchester’s foremost electronic bands. Fitting somewhere between acts such as Kraftwerk, Biosphere and Boards of Canada – whilst sounding nothing like any of these – Marconi Union have, over their 15 year career, released nine critically acclaimed albums and worked with people from Marina Ambramovich Institute to Jah Wobble.

As writers of “the most relaxing track in the world”, Marconi Union “are one of the most popular ambient groups to emerge during the early 21st century” having amassed tens of millions of downloads and streams, regularly topping the US Billboard New Age chart  and frequently appearing in the US Billboard Electronic chart.

The trio’s live performances blend elements of electronica, dub and ambience, resulting in an emotional and sometimes dreamlike experience. The band perform to a backdrop of subtley emotive films, in the form of split-screen projections created by emerging Manchester arts collective, DOTCA.


Night and Day-Saturday

8pm Magic Darts

Magic Darts is the latest project from Gareth Bibby (Disco Operating System / Triclops / Lotta Continua Recordings / RSI Recordings). Having spent an age in self-imposed exile, there is as yet little or no evidence of the real world existence of Magic Darts, so what to expect? – expect seat-of-the-pants shortwave improv; expect half-dead Casios and shoddy half rhythms; expect bust cassettes and implied melodies; expect dense drones and epic pastoral mellifluousness; expect none of the above. Expect Delays.

9.30pm 243 Ida

243 Ida are an electro-pop duo from Manchester, with a sound drawing equal influence from indie and electronica, and on a quest to marry the two into one singable, danceable package. The duo, who consist of producer Emma Williams-Daly and vocalist Lennie Butler (formerly of Manchester indie band Sandbox), have a shared mission: to find that sweet spot between electronica and a strong vocal melody, and to create something unique and meaningful which also translates into an exciting live show.

In October 2017 243 Ida unveiled their debut EP The Howling, a collection of songs crafted straight from the heart. Thanks to a combination of catchy songs, a unique sound and strong stage presence, since then they have been gaining attention online and on the Manchester music scene. Their upcoming EP, Lioness and I, will be released Spring 2019.

“Honest & isolated vocal melodies glide through obscurely decorated pop songs – subtle glitch-work is the icing on this cake!” – Martin Christie, Electronic Music Open Mic Founder

“an enchanting, original sound that fuses classic song writing with minimal electronica; melancholic and at times experimental, but always packed with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.” – Mark Buckley, Analogue Trash


Photography by Hannah Dornford-May Photography: