4.30pm Aquatik Dreams

Joshua Mortimer otherwise known as LJ, started his journey into music unexpectedly in 2016.

As a Technical Theatre student in Hull he began playing improvised electronic music at the art collective Ground, with artists such as Naesk, B2G, and The Mercurius Brittanicus, where he became obsessed with experimental music.

This lead to appearing in small local gigs such as the Noise Night, Drone Day and Martin Christie’s (EMOM) Electronic Music Open Mic tour 2018.

LJs most recent projects are; ‘Aquatik-Dreams’ and ‘The MugWart’. These juxtaposed concepts include the former been, a lucid look at the concious imagination, and hallucinations. Focusing on mood, atmosphere and colour. The latter with a heavier flavour, industrial, noise and drone.

LJ has played in cities across the UK including Bristol, London, Brighton, Manchester and others. He has also hosted EMOM nights in Brighton with plans to continue…

The Late Summer Breeze
On a Warm Night
By candle Light
The Unintentional

6pm Lo Five

Lo Five is a Liverpool-based producer of ambient/experimental electronica, with numerous releases and remixes on labels such as Patterned Air, Upitup Records and Rad Cult. In 2015 Lo Five founded Emotion Wave, a platform for emerging experimental electronic artists – comprising music events, a radio show and a label that serves to promote members of the Emotion Wave family.

“…memoradelic flashbacks…glinting chord-chimes and gauzy keyboards teleport me to the middle 80s. Another fine addition to the Patterned Air discography, and an unusual listen.”Simon Reynolds, The WIRE


Emotion Wave


7pm Noise Research

Part of the north west improvised music scene for many years, guitarist Ian Simpson has worked with all manner of musicians including Rhys Chatham, The Merseyside Improvisers Orchestra, John Tilbury, Philip Jeck, Yeah Yeah Industrial and Shaun Blezards uber collective Some Some Unicorn. After 5 years redifining his guitar playing he made a rare appearance as his electronic alter ego ‘Noise Research’ at Subliminal Impulse last year reigniting his desire to work with electronics again.  Expect a set of dystpoian drones with a nod towards ‘Zeit’ era Tangerine Dream and early Cluster.


3pm K

K. Craig (A.R.C. SOUNDTRACKS, Last Harbour) is an A/V artist working with elements of noise, drones, hand-built instruments, sequenced samples, digital distortion, and stark, minimal beats to produce live soundtracks for images of constructed landscapes, distorted figures and deep space. These industrial, ritual works incorporate 20th century science fiction alongside contemporary speculative ideas of the end of the world, reimagining them as a dynamic audio/visual performance.



4.30pm Mindcrime Cafe

Mindcrime Cafe is a fresh collaboration from guerrilla music and visual technologists, Jaydev Mistry and Marizu Okereke.
Wrangling an arsenal of home built and bastardised technology, they will be inviting the audience to accompany them on a journey across contorted lifescapes during two separate performances.

Performance one will be an ambient, mellow and occasionally dark exploration of internal cognitive dissonances. The world that we were promised has yet to materialise.

Performance two is an outward expression of inner uncertainty featuring harder, mangled and fractured rhythms. The life that we were promised has yet to materialise.

Jaydev Mistry is a guitarist, percussionist and music technologist. He has designed and built an augmented guitar which is populated with various electronic sensors that allow him to coax intricate, lush and evolving musical soundscapes via deep processing and haptic control.

Marizu Okereke will be providing the visual component of this collaboration. Inspired by the abstract purity of visual synthesis from the early 1970’s, he will be working with live voltage controlled visuals to conjure mercurial, serpentine landscapes in resonance with the sonic journey.

6pm AMM

John Shapter is a ground-breaking sound-artist, based in Stoke on Trent. His work is closely allied to the sounds in our environment, whether urban or rural. Most of the sounds are sourced from the ground we tread on and the sounds that reach our ears through the air. He deconstructs sounds from recordings in the field and builds them into soundscapes, creating ghosts in the air. Sometimes the sounds of instruments are added to enhance the sonic picture. Sometimes electronic sounds are woven in to the natural sounds.

7.30pm Ottomat

Otomatt is an audiovisual project that currently explores the concept
of interaction in the digital age by blending computer inspired music
with a distorted mixture of real and generated footage.

Bandcamp: https://otomatt.bandcamp.com/releases
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/otomatt.av/
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/album/5857893?preview=true

9pm Return Code Zero

10.30pm Vox Cornelius

Vox Cornelious is a solo vocal, live looper based in North England. He performs original electronic music entirely by voice, a loop station and beatbox techniques. The genres of his set range from electronic, drum and Bass, reggae, dubstep and house. Vox has performed alongside the likes of Dub Pistols, Smoove and Turrell, Superhans, The Petebox and The Mouse Outfit. Producing beats as big as any DJ and soundscapes as large as any band. Vox’s new wave, beatbox live-looping is taking audiences by storm exploring the boundaries of what the human voice proves possible!

‘Beatboxer and looper Vox Cornelius who, armed with an array of contraptions in front of him and his own voice, created layered original tracks. His signature sound was mellow vocals back by breakbeats, which continued throughout his set, with a varying tempo and a build-up of complexity.’ – Review from York Calling